Babo Botanical Products

Babo Botanicals efficacy is fueled by the power by plant science.
It is the rich, botanicals ingredients that set our products apart and deliver high quality solutions to hair and skin.

​​Petitte Palazzo

Petite Palazzo believes in impacting young children in a positive and healthy way, building their self-esteem and teaching them that being unique and standing up for what they believe is one of the most important things in life. ~ 

Our facility is closely monitored and gated to offer you and your party a safe environment. Our Fairies are CPR certified and Virtus trained. 

We are here to provide you and your Petite with world-class service!

*Please advise us of any allergies or fragrance sensitivities your Petite may have.

About Our Products

​​​Proudly using Snails Nail Polish

The stringent European cosmetic laws guarantee the safety and exclusion of any harmful chemicals.
Snail's priority is not only the natural, chemical free cosmetics but also the premium quality of the raw materials. The nail polishes are made in France and the lead-free high quality bottles are imported from Italy.
The manufacture of S’N’B products is done in Athens, Greece. Snails polish is completely water based and water soluble!!